Wednesday, December 31

Ice Climbing Technique

Another way to ice climb. "Slow is safe".

Tuesday, December 30

Puddles in the Sky

Trailer from Puddles in the Sky, a surf movie that looks at surfing in an artistic way.

Monday, December 29

The Tangerine Dream

Trailer of The Tangerine Dream from Teton Gravity Research, 2005.

Sunday, December 28

The Way Bobby Sees It

Trailer of a documentary called "The Way Bobby Sees it".
Bobby is a mountainbiker... and he's blind.

Saturday, December 27

Ryan's Inferno

Video of Than Hansen climbing the first free ascent of Ryan's Inferno in Garden of the Gods, CO, USA, on November 18th 2008.

Friday, December 26

Lucky Skier

The norwegian freeskier Fred Syversen got hit by an avalanche in Stryn, Norway.

Thursday, December 25

Speed Flying

Speed flying down the 2970 meter Schilthorn in Switzerland.

Wednesday, December 24


Nice Deep Water Soloing video.

Tuesday, December 23

Der Heilige Berg (from 1926)

"Der Heilige Berg" is a German ski movie from 1926.

Monday, December 22

Snow Profile Techniques

Video that reviews a few snow profile techniques.

Zachary Keenan

A bit of surf footage with Zachary Keenan.

Sunday, December 21

Portrait of Malcolm Smith

This short film is a documentary on Malcolm Smith, Scottish boulderer.
Sometimes quite hard to understand the dialog, but a great video of a damn good climber.

Saturday, December 20

Rescue on Broad Peak

Video of the rescue of French alpinist Fabien, at 7200m in camp 3 on Broad Peak, Himalaya in 2004. He was not able to walk so he had to be lowered down by others. Climbers from different expedition teams joined forces to bring him down to camp 1 at 5600 meter where he received medical injections and bottled oxygen. When he was 'stabilized' he was lowered down to basecamp, where he was picked up by a helicopter of the Pakistan army the next day.
Respect for all the guys that helped him!

Friday, December 19

Skiing Snowbird, USA

Some helmet cam footage of a couple of guys skiing in Snowbird, Utah, USA.

Thursday, December 18

Ice Climbing in Canada

Very nice ice climbing video from Canada.

Wednesday, December 17

Adrenaline Hunters UPDATE

I previously posted the trailer from Adrenaline Hunters.
Well, the video above is the entire movie.
If you have some time, it's definitely worth it!

Adrenaline Hunters

Trailer of the movie Adrenaline Hunters from 2006.
Lovely compilation with a nice track from the Asian Dub Foundation.

Tuesday, December 16

The Island

Video of Dave Graham climbing an 8c boulder called 'The Island' in Fountainebleau, France.

Monday, December 15

Paragliding in Khumbu

Paragliding in Khumbu, northeastern Nepal.

Sunday, December 14

AK the Hard Way

Trailer from AK the Hard Way, a film from three skiers on a backcountry ski journey to Alaskan giants without helicopter help.

Saturday, December 13

Texas Tanker Surfing

When you don't have natural swell rolling in, you could do like these girls.
They go surfing on waves made by tankers in Texas, USA.

Friday, December 12


Trailer from Blindsight, a movie that follows the gripping adventure of six blind Tibetan teenagers who set out to climb Lhakpa Ri on the north side of Mount Everest.

Thursday, December 11

Gravity Chasers

This movie called Gravity Chasers is a short film about a small group of adventurers, who jump off bridges and cliffs. I'm a fan!

Wednesday, December 10

Introducing - A short ski movie

Some guys made there own short ski movie, and the result may be seen.
Only at the end, they where out of footage I guess. :)

Tuesday, December 9

Wakeboarding Venice

Last week Venice (Italy) was flooted, and Duncan Zuur from Red Bull went wakeboarding on the St. Mark's Square.

Night Sessions

A dedicated group of climbers take on the darkness of night to climb some boulders.

Monday, December 8

Red Bull Rampage

Highlights of the Red Bull Rampage 2008.

Sunday, December 7


Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

"Islenska: On the Road to Unearth Iceland's Secrets" is a documentary from the two journalists ski-mountaineers Jordan Campbell and Ace Kvale and from filmmaker Cecile Cusin. The film highlights Iceland by breaking it into categories: wind, fire, ice and water. From the snowy peaks to glaciers, geisers and waterfalls.

Saturday, December 6

One Track Mind

Trailer from a new surf movie called One Track Mind.

Friday, December 5

White Book from Recco

An educational movie about backcountry skiing and snowboarding.
Very interesting and definitely worth a view when backcountry is your terrain.
This is only part1, don't forget part2 and part3.

Thursday, December 4

Andre Bach

Portrait of the Norwegian base jumper Andre Bach.

Wednesday, December 3

Wild Thing climbed free

On the 26th of November, Jon Simms and Jon Walsh climbed the famous Wild Thing free. This route was opened in 1987, on the East side of Mt. Chephren, Rocky Mountains, Canada.
The two climbed the 1,300-meter mixed climb in a 44-hour round trip. The video shows them on the first pitch.

Alexis Roland

Alexis Roland is a 7 year old girl from Minnesota USA, and she snowboards. And she definitely knows how to handle her board! I'm afraid she kicks my ass in the park.

Tuesday, December 2

Rafting in Scotland

Nice footage of some white water rafting in high water down the river tummel, perthshire, Scotland, UK.

Monday, December 1

Speedflying Jungfraujoch

Couple of guys speed flying down Jungfraujoch in Switzerland.

Sunday, November 30


This is some serious bouldering.

Natalija Gros on a 8c+

In this video the Slovanian Natalija climbs Histerija(8c+).

Saturday, November 29


In 2001, a Canadian named Don Arney invented the HangBoard. Basically the rider is suspended by trapeze from a small crane that is attached to a snowboard.

Friday, November 28

On Sight

Very cool trailer with all sorts of climbing from On Sight, I think the movie is worth a look.

Thursday, November 27

Temples in the Clouds

The trailer from Temples in the Clouds, the story of a paragliding pilgrimage in the Indian Himalayas.

Wednesday, November 26

Green Race 2008

In the beginning of this month, on the 2nd of November, Green Race 2008 toke in the spectacular gorge near Asheville, North Carolina, USA.
Some call the Green Race the most extreme paddling race in North America, I don't know if it's true, but I definitely like this video.

Xavier Delerue Avelanche

Video of Xavier Delerue his avalanche incident.
I think this guy can be happy he's still alive.

Tuesday, November 25

Longest surfboard

Brazilian guy shapes the longest surfboard on earth and rides a wave with it.

Ice climbing

Nice ice climbing video.

Monday, November 24

Jakson Hole

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming, USA, is upgrading their facilities and keep the public aware of it with some video's. This is the latest one, the rest can be found here. I really like the way they made it a little documentary-style.

Deep Water Soloing

Some friends go deep water soloing somewhere in West Virginia, USA.

Sunday, November 23

Base Jumping in a cave

The Austrian Felix Baumgartner base jumps into a 190 meter deep cave in Croatia.

Saturday, November 22

The Pact

Trailer from the movie "The Pact".

Friday, November 21

Radical Reels 2008

Previously I posted the intro video of the Radical Reels Film Tour of 2007, now it's the intro video of the film tour of 2008. Again all kinds of adventure sports put together in one cool video.

European Tree Climbing Championships

Follow Nathanael Gros during the Tree Climbing Euro Championships, which took place in Turin from 19 to 22 June 2008, Parco del Valentino.

Thursday, November 20

Glacier Surfing

Video of some guys surfing waves made by a crumbling glacier in Alaska.
Real or fake? What do you think?

Spillway Kayaking

Filmed from the side of the spillway.

On board footage.

I never heart of the Llyn Brianne Dam before, but apparently it's the tallest dam in the UK. These videos show some paddlers going down the spillway with quite some speed.

Wednesday, November 19

Skiing in Norway

Nice promotional video from Norway and his fjords, with a little surf footage in it.

Annapurna IV

Video of Brad Clement, Tonya Riggs and teammates on a climb of Annapurna IV, in the Nepal Himalayas. Scouting the area for their upcoming expedition to Annapurna 1.

Tuesday, November 18

Seven - MTB movie

Trailer 1.

Trailer 2.

These videos are the two trailers for the Slovenian amateur mountain bike movie "Seven". The entire movie can be downloaded on their website.
And it's definitely worth a look, I loved it!


Trailer of the first all-girl Finnish snowboard movie. You can doubt the fact if it even is a snowboarding movie cause they don't seem to stand on their boards for most of the time :). Maybe they’re trying to prove something?

Monday, November 17

The Stationary Climbingwall

The Stationary Climber is a vertical climbing track that rotates when you climb it. Nothing compared to the real deal I'm afraid, but cool to see.

North Face of the Matterhorn

Rich Cross, Stu McAleese and Graham Frost take on the original, classic 'Schmidt' route up the North Face of the Matterhorn, Switzerland.

Sunday, November 16


The trailer for Wink Inc Productions 'Respect' ski movie of 2007.

Climbing icebergs

Video of Will Gadd climbing icebergs.

Saturday, November 15

Return to the Outdoors: Timmy O'Neill

Return to the Outdoors tells the story of Timmy O'Neill, rock climber and comedian who tightwalks a wire suspended thousands of feet above ground in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado.

Extreme Unicycling

Everybody has probably seen a unicycler ones. But have you ever seen a unicycler up in the mountains??

Friday, November 14


Ruben Alcantara and his bmx, great team!

Committed Volume II - Trailer

Trailer from the climbing DVD Committed vol 2.

Thursday, November 13

Your Line

Nice commercial from Vaude from last year.

Crevasse rescue Vallée Blanche

Video from a crevasse rescue on the glacier in the Vallée Blanche in Chamonix, Switzerland. They don't put a tripod over the crevasse here, but they use the "Chamonix-winch" to get the victim out.
It's an old video, but still is interesting to see.

Kayak compilation

Compilation video from a kayaker what for him where the highlights of the 2006 kayaking season.

Wednesday, November 12

18 second barrel

Footage of some guys surfing a nice barrel.

Avalanche footage

Crazy footage of two snowboarders near Mount Cook in New Zealand who ended up in a serious avalanche.

Tuesday, November 11

Radical Reels 2007

Intro video of the Radical Reels Film Tour of 2007.
Very cool compilation of all kinds of adventure sports.

Bigg Wall Jamming

Nicolas Favresse jamming somewhere on El Capitan.

Red Bull Air Force in China

Shane McConkey, Miles Daisher and Chuck Berry of the Red Bull Air Force recently went to China. After months of negotiation, they where allowed for a BASE jumping session at one of China's natural wonders, a giant cave depression.

Shark surfing

Some crazy dude goes out surfing with a shark!

Monday, November 10

Riversurfing in winter

River Surfing on the St Laurance in Montreal in winter.
Crazy how they have to avoid pieces of ice!

Send It - Final teaser

The final teaser of Send It, a snowboard film from Friends of The Environment Productions. The entiry film can be downloaded on their website:

Insane downhill ride

Video of two guys taking it to a downhill singletrack course.

Sunday, November 9

First peak ascent of Kang Nachugo

Two alpinists, David Gottlieb and Joe Puryear have made the first peak ascent of Kang Nachugo. A 6,735 meter high mountain peak in Nepal. In 5 days time they reached the summit.
Their extended trip report can be find here.

Video shot on the summit of Kang Nuchugo

Tent pitched half on the mountain, half dangling into oblivion.

Speedflying descent of the Eiger

The 14th of june 2006, François Bon and Antoine Montant did the world first speedflying descent of the mount Eiger in Swiss.
See more here:

Dean Potter soloing The Nose

Video of Dean Potter soloing The Nose of El Capitan.

Big Air Kayaking

You thought big air was something exclusively for skiers or snowboarders? Well apparently not, even kayakers like to enjoy it!

1000m cave discovered

Explorers discovered a 1000 meter underground cave shaft in China.
More pictures can be found here.

Saturday, November 8

Surfing or an office job?

Nice short film that contrasts the job of famous professional free surfer, Jamie O'Brien, with the average desk job.

Friday, November 7

Ice climbing with Neil Gresham

In January 2008, Mountain Hardwear athlete, Neil Gresham set out to Iceland to investigate the ice climbing potentials. This video shows what happened out there.

2008 Freestyle Kayaking World Cup

Video of the South Main Kayak Team's Jed Selby and Dustin Urban practice for the 2008 Freestyle Kayaking World Cup event in Prague, Czech Republic.

Children of winter

Trailer from Warren Miller's Children of winter.

Thursday, November 6

Best Wild Animal photos of 2008

Last week National Geographic Channel announced the winners of the "Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008".
Personally I like the one with the whale the most.
The rest of the pictures can be found here.

Nice powder session

Two very nice videos of some friends having an awesome time making powder runs! I honestly can't wait for the first snow!
Thanks to

Top 10 images of adventure

National Geographic top 10 images of adventure.
The rest of the pictures can be found here.


Cool commercial for the steepest piste in Austria, Harakiri.

Nordic Stalking

Everybody has seen them ones probably, nordic walkers, people walking weird with some poles in their hands. Well in the Netherlands they found something new: Nordic Stalking!

Wednesday, November 5

Shark Park

Bigwave surfing in Shark Park, a place in open ocean.

El Camino Del Rey

Video of the Spanish footpath 'El Camino Del Rey' in El Chorro.
The footpath which is pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro is now fallen in disrepair. The man in this video does not use any kind of protection although there are steel cables along the path to clip in your via ferrata set.

You thought you could bike?

These guys definitely know how to handle their bikes.
The video includes the bloopers, butt still, respect!

Terje's descent of 7601

The famous video of Terje Haakonsen making the first descent of Mountain 7601 in Alakska on his snowboard. This guy has some balls!

Tuesday, November 4

Echo Wall - the trailer

Trailer from movie of the first ascend of the Echo Wall on Ben Nevis, Scotland.
Dave MacLeod was the first person ever to ascend the route this season.

Snowboarding feat. Rally

Ever seen a snowboarder on a rally track? I didn't.
But apparently its possible you run into a rally car while snowboarding.
Crazy shit!

Sam Hill Downhill

Sam Hill's run in this years world championship downhill mountain biking.
Insane ride, ashame that he slips away at the end.

Making the Berghaus bigwall advert

Interesting video with Leo Holding that shows how he and the team made the advert for the bigwall clothing line from Berghaus.
The original advert can be watched here:

Mountain biking along the the Lost Coast

The story of 2 mountain bikers who made an epic adventure along the Lost Coast in Alaska.


Very nice video of two guys kayaking some serious white water.

Speed Flying Aconcagua

The Aconcagua in Argentina, with his 6962 meters the highest mountain of South America. He descended the 2700 meters south face in just 4 minutes en 50 seconds.
An average of almost 10 meters a second!

The Stash

Video from last season in 'The Stash'.
The Stash is a naturally created snow park by Burton.

Monday, November 3

Dynamite Surfing

Wanna surf but don't live near the ocean?
These guys found a solution!

Azazel Big wall climbing

Azazel is the story of 4 friends who go to Pakistan to put up a new route on the Trango Pulpit, a 6000m peak. They spent 20 days on the wall and it’s a great story of friendship.

Subaru concept 'Mountain Rescue Vehicle'

The Forester Mountain Rescue Vehicle is a concept car created by Subaru for the National Ski Patrol of America. I'm still wondering what they are gonna do with it in fresh powder.

Balancing Point

A short film about rock balancing.
Although the film is played entirely in reverse it appears that the man who is doing his magic is going forwards in time.

Nissan Outdoor Games 2008

A very nice compilation video from Team Ibex from the Nissan Outdoor Games 2008.

Sunday, November 2


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