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    Jaideep singh Rathore

  2. I’m interested in placing advertisements on The Adventure Channel on behalf of my client, a western ski resort. We are only interested in text ads (not banner display ads). Do you offer this? If so, could you send me the following information:

    Placements available
    Cost/How it’s charged (i.e. per impression, etc.)


  3. In Between Swims:The Whitewater Podcast
    Contact me at

    For instance....
    "Looking back at my experience here, and general respect for the power of water, how could I stand at the lip of Lower Heath Springs on Royal Gorge and declare that resurfacing on the left isnât an issue?" - Darin McQuoid

    On this episode of In Between Swims, 'The Epic' by Darin McQuoid.

    Find it at -

    Download it direct -

    On I-Tunes, it can be found at

  4. Hi there Adventure Channel,

    We're getting ready to launch an outdoor niche ad network and we'd love to have on board with us as a publisher. You can learn more here:


    Erin Dill

  5. Hi there,

    I've launched my blog and website in the last month or so and would love to link with you. is my site. is my email. Look forward to hearing from you!

    Exceed Possibility

  6. Hello, we filmed a travel/adventure/wildlife conservation series through South America. Check it out!
    Id love to hear back from you,

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am the organizer of an event which is rappelling, this is the event which is featured in latest advertisement of Mountain Dew wherein daredevils hang on the rope drinking the drink.

    Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh is an organisation which has set Limca Book of records and World Record in rappelling at Katika waterfalls, Araku Valley, Vishakhapatnam, AP. The links are provided below.

    Now we are going for a higher record of around 1,000 feet. We have planned to set this record shortly in March / Early April 2014 and need speedy approval. If you would be interested in sponsoring this event it would give your product a great mileage and a lifetime advertisement every time somebody watches these videos.

    I appreciate your time and consideration in watching and reading this mail. Looking forward for a positive response.

    Thank you,

    Mahesh Kumar
    Convener/Organizer ACAP

    Ranga Rao
    ACAP Foun