Thursday, December 17

Rip Curl Pro Search

Official teaser of the Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 which took place in Portugal.

Monday, December 7

Break The Cycle - Trailer

Trailer for Irish downhill mountain bike film 'Break the Cycle'.

Thursday, November 26

Slowmotion Surfing

Great ultra slowmotion video of a bigwave surfer.

Tuesday, November 24

Blockwork Orange

Holiday video from so guys who went bouldering in Rocklands, South Africa.
Great video!

Sunday, November 22

The Continuum Project - Trailer

The Continuum Project follows some of the worlds best climbing talent around the globe to document bold new routes and daring repeats on ice, rock, and in the alpine.

Thursday, November 19

The Northern Light

Video from NGC of the Northern Light, filmed in Norway. Simply beautiful!

Wednesday, November 18

Magic Moments - Trailer

Trailer from the new film of Storm Show Studios.

Tuesday, November 17

Kayaking the Congo

Follow National Geographic in point-of-view as they kayak the Congo.

Monday, November 16


2006 trailer from Powderwhores, a group of dedicated backcountry skiers

Friday, November 13

Wheelin N' Dealin

A short glimpse at the epic process of making a new route at the Spider's Web. Adirondacks, NY.
Wheelin N' Dealin 5.13c R.

Ice Screw Clinic

This video shows Black Diamond Sales Rep Roger Strong giving a clinic on how to properly place an ice screw.

Thursday, November 12

Asgard Jamming

Rock climbing expedition on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic 45 days, 0 nights, 600km on foot, 4 guys, 1 girl,... and the polar bears...

Tuesday, November 10

Massaschlucht Canyoning

Canyoneering with the Alpine Rescue Center of Air Zermatt in the Massaschlucht in Switzerland

Pepsi Ski Commercial

Pepsi ski commercial from 1974.

Wednesday, September 2


First ascent footage of Evisceration at Frustration Creek, Canada.

Monday, August 31

Sweet Hokkaido Pow

Trailer of a new film from Sweetgrass Productions.

Friday, August 28

Mountain Safety

A video, sponsored by the city of Grenoble in France to warn mountain fanatics about the dangers of their passion. With a minimum knowledge of French you will understand this video, and else it still are beautiful and sometimes shocking shots.

Wednesday, August 26

The Making of a Carabiner

The making of a carabiner at DMM in Wales, UK.

Thursday, June 25

Beat Kammerlander

Beat Kammerlander has re-climbed Prinzip Hoffnung (Principle Hope) at the Burs Plate in Austria a decade after he made the first ascent. This time he climbed it without the bolts.
(Via UKC)

Saturday, June 20

Black Diamond Guys

It's just like they say in the beginning of the video, these skiers make it look way to easy.

Thursday, June 18

Chalk & Chocolate

Trailer of a documentary called Chalk & Chocolate which follows Natalija Gros.

Tuesday, June 16

Grandes Jorasses

Video of 3 climbers on the Colton-MacIntyre Route of the Grandes Jorasses in the French Alps.

Wednesday, June 10

Bouldering in Fontainebleau

Video of Ty Landman bouldering in Fontainebleau, France.

Saturday, May 30


Superb base jumping video from the Funky Spin team!

Tuesday, May 26

Offpiste in Chamonix

Very nice offpiste footage from Chamonix, France.

Friday, May 22

Basejump Compilation

Nice base jumping compilation video.

Monday, May 18

Serious Mountainbike Crash

You don't want to be in this guy's place, luckily he survived.

Saturday, May 16

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Part 1.

Part 2.

Video footage of the whole adventure.

Thursday, May 14

The Present

Trailer of Thomas Campbell's new surf film, The Present.

Friday, April 24

Tandem Whitewater Kayak

The title says it all, a whitewater kayak for two persons.

Thursday, April 23

Swiss Action

Some guys skiing The North Face of Swiss peak in Canada.
Great video!

Wednesday, April 22


Climbing video of a boulder area called Buttermilks in Bishop, California(USA).

(Via All Climbing)

Tuesday, April 21

Crevasse Rescue Air Zermatt

Footage from a documentary about Air Zermatt, shot by the Swiss Television Schweizer Fernsehen. They follow the mountain rescue services of Air Zermatt in the Swiss Alps during a rescue at the Bishorn.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Monday, April 20

Extreme Ski Jumping

Compilation of a few crazy ski jumps. Crazy guys.

Sunday, April 19

All Points South

Trailer of a documentary films that handles about the ongoing threat of pollution from the pulp and paper manufacturing industry on the ocean community's in Chile.

Saturday, April 18

Nick Devore

Nice video of professional skier Nick Devore.

Friday, April 17

Freedom Riders

Trailer of the mountain bike movie Freedom Riders, great stuff!

Thursday, April 16

Banff 2008/2009

Trailer of the 2008/2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.
Love it!

Wednesday, April 15

Mont Blanc

Footage from Will Corder and Trefor Evans who climb Mont Blanc in 2006.
Training took place on the Mer de Glace and Mt Buet, Chamonix.

Tuesday, April 14

Bouldering in Switzerland

Three boulder problems from Switzerland.
Amber, 8B - Brione
La Prou, 8B - Cresciano
Boogalagga, 8B - Chironico

Monday, April 13

Rock Balancing

Nice video with some rock balancing.
But the first one was way better though.

Sunday, April 12

The Ski Patrol

A view behind the scenes of the Snowbird(US) Ski Patrol.

Saturday, April 11

Early on the season

Like REALLY early!

Friday, April 10

Hiking Mount Hua

Well, the video explains itself. Crazy stuff.

Thursday, April 9

Mount Everest

Very inspiring video from a group of climbers that reached the top of Mount Everest.

Wednesday, April 8

Snowboarding, The Norwegian Way

Snowboard movie with Norwegian riders.
Among them Terje Haakonsen, known from his famous descent of Mountain 7601 in Alakska.

Tuesday, April 7

Bouldering in Bishop

A very nice bouldering video filmed in Bishop, Canada.

Monday, April 6

World record kayakdrop

Kayaker Ed Lucero is the new waterfall drop record holder with a crazy height of 31 meters.

(Via The Adventure Blog)

Sunday, April 5

Himalayan basecamp in winter

Some tips to kill the time when your stuck in basecamp in the middle of winter.
(Via The adventure blog)

Thursday, April 2

Bad Bolts

This video shows you how much you can trust your fixed bolts.

Wednesday, April 1

Katie Brown falling

Nice climbing video with Katie Brown, and at the ends she falls out of the crack.

Tuesday, March 31

Bataleon Snowboards

Nice promotional video from Bataleon Snowboards.

A vintage ski video

Clip from an Eric Perlman skifilm from the mid 90's.

Patrouille des Glaciers

The Patrouille des Glaciers race took place from April 27 to 30, 2006. This biennial ski race starts in Zermatt and finishes in Verbier, Switzerland. 53 km with 3,994 m of vertical gain.
(Via Petzl)

Monday, March 30

2009 ShAFF Trailer

Trailer for the Shefferd Adventure Film Festival of 2009 in the UK.
Very nice video.

Sunday, March 29

Snowboard video

Great snowboarding video with some tricks and lots of freeride.

Saturday, March 28

Cedric Garcia Again

Again a video of Cedric Garcia, very nice footage.

Friday, March 27

Shared Summits Expedition

Footage of the Shared Summits K2 Climbing Expedition in 2007.
They reached the top after 9 weeks, 3 routes, 5 attempts and 15 ½ hours after they left Camp 4.

Thursday, March 26

Backpacking the John Murr Trail

Great footage of some guys that hiked the John Murr Trail in the US.

Wednesday, March 25

Speed Flying Jackson Hole

Footage of somebody Speed Flying in the Jackson Hole ski resort, USA.

Monday, March 23


Footage of The Ford Skymasters Challenge which took place in Birmingham, UK, in March 2008.

Sunday, March 22

Urban Downhill

Video from the 2007 Fat Face Urban Downhill mountain bike race in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Saturday, March 21

Top of Mont Blanc

Some footage from on the top of Mont Blanc, France.
A very popular summit as you can see.

Friday, March 20

New Zealand Whitewater

Nice video of whitewater kayaking in New Zealand.

Thursday, March 19

Skiing in Iran

Forget all the things you hear in the news about Iran! They have great powder!

Wednesday, March 18

Royal Flush

Nicolas Favresse in "Royal Flush" on Fitz Roy in Argentina.

Tuesday, March 17


The title says it all, but I don't think this is going to break through. :)

Monday, March 16

New Matterhorn record

Ueli Steck, a mountaineer from Switzerland claimed the new record for the north face of the Matterhorn in the Alps. He only needed 1 hour and 56 minutes to ascent the 1000 vertical meters.

Sunday, March 15

Cedric Gracia

Video of Cedric Gracia, a great biker.

Saturday, March 14

Avalanche burial

Guys gets buried under an avalanche, he's lucky he had an AvaLung, a bieper, and some quick friends! Very nice footage though.
(Via The Goat)

Friday, March 13

Pistenbully Flexmobil

Who doesn't want one? :)

Thursday, March 12

Teaser from Anthill Films

One of the best video's out there!
Combining all kinds of adventure sports in a great clip.
Anthill Films

Wednesday, March 11

Skiing 7 Summits

Trailer of the film "Skiing 7 Summits", a story about the first-ever skiing expedition to the 7 highest mountains of all continents, including the first ski descent from Mt. Everest by Slovenian extreme skier Davo Karničar in December 2006.

Tuesday, March 10

Bmx'ing in the 80's.

Ever wondered what you had to wear when you where born in the 80's and liked bmx'ing? Nice riding though!

Monday, March 9

Big Wall Jamming II

Again a nice jam session on a big wall called "South Africa Route" in Patagonia, South America.

Sunday, March 8

Another "Balancing Point"

Another video like Balancing Point.

Saturday, March 7

Gansta Snowboarding

A bit too 'Gangsta' if you ask me, but nice footage though.

Friday, March 6

The Walk of Life

Video of Dave MacLeod climbing The Walk of Life E9/6c, North Devon, UK.

Thursday, March 5

Team Vario

Nice footage from a mountain biking crew called Team Vario.

Wednesday, March 4

Kayaking in Colorado

Kayak footage from Colorado, USA.

Tuesday, March 3

Speed Flying in Interlaken

Speed Flying video from Interlaken, Switzerland.

Monday, March 2


Nice trailer of a base jumping video.

Sunday, March 1

Igloo Crib

Igloo Ed shows us his crib!

Saturday, February 28

Red Bull Metro Ride

Red Bull organized a mountain bike race in metro station in Budapest, here's the video.

Friday, February 27

Tucker Mead

Video of the 17 year old Tucker Mead, member of the freeride team in the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, USA.

Thursday, February 26

The Creature Craft Rescue Craft

The Creature Craft Rescue Craft has been designed to prevent Rescue Personnel from becoming victims. In terms of rescue craft for challenging water, Creature Craft can go over waterfalls and maintain its stability. The video shows dam surfing, Lowhead and Roller dam descents and a dam rescue.

Wednesday, February 25

Paragliding in Nepal

Nice paragliding footage from Nepal.

Tuesday, February 24

Continental Divide Trail

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail in the USA.

Monday, February 23

Ski mountaineering in Iceland

Great ski mountaineering video from the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland.

Sunday, February 22


Video of some guys making water rides with their snowboards.

Saturday, February 21


A video of Bernd Zangerl climbing a 8C boulder in Switzerland called Entlinge.
(Via B3bouldering)

Friday, February 20

Niagra Gorge Kayaking

Footage of the first legal kayak descent of Niagra Gorge in the early 80's.

Thursday, February 19

Cliff Jumping II

More footage from the same guys as the 'Cliff jumping'-post.

Wednesday, February 18

Painted Blue

Part 1.

Part 2.

This is the extended trailer of a documentary about Raphael Slawinski.

Tuesday, February 17


Nice downhill and freeride mountain biking video

Monday, February 16

Ozone Bullet

A Speed Flying short movie with a story in it.

And the making off.
I actually like the making off more then the movie itself. :)

Sunday, February 15

Portrait of Air Zermatt

Part 1.

Part 2.

Portrait of the mountain rescuers from Air Zermatt in Switzerland.

Saturday, February 14

1000 day holiday

This is 1000 Days of traveling the world condensed down to just 12 minutes.

Friday, February 13

Downhill vs Renault Clio

Clip from the British television show Top Gear.

Thursday, February 12

Base Jumping a gondola

Shane McConkey and Miles Daisher base jumping from the 1500 ft tall gondola in Whistler Blackcomb, USA.
(Via Wend)

Wednesday, February 11

Fred Syversen's skidrop

Fred Syversen's 107 meters (351 feet) accidental cliff drop is finally recognized as the new world record.

Tuesday, February 10

Off The Map

Video of a couple that made a 14 day trip from Pontarso, Italy to Zell Am See, Austria, no motorized forms of transportation, only by foot and paraglider.

Monday, February 9

Pistenbully in action

If you're one of the guys that ends up in a bar after a day on the slopes and don't come out of your hotel room before noon, well, this is what happens in between.

Sunday, February 8

God went surfing with the devil.

Trailer of an Israeli and Palestinian surfmovie.
Takes a wile to load, you can also watch the trailer at their website.

Saturday, February 7

Trip Box 3

Very cool base jumping video.

Friday, February 6

Cycling across Alaska

Video footage of a couple that made a cycling trip across Alaska.

Thursday, February 5


Chris Sharma on the first ascent of a route called Dreamcatcher, rated 9a.

Wednesday, February 4

Cliff Jumping

Nice cliff jumping footage.

Tuesday, February 3

Silo ice climing

How to make your own ice climbing wall.

Monday, February 2

Crashed Ice

Red Bull organized a new event called "Crashed Ice", a combination of downhill skating, ice hockey, and boardercross.

Sunday, February 1

Trip Box 2

Cool base jumping shortmovie.

Saturday, January 31


Ryan Olson climbing L’aerodynamite, a 7b+ at Fontainebleau, France.

Friday, January 30

Return of the Nina

Powder movie called after
the La Niña storm cycle, which brought tons and tons of snow in the 98/99 season.

Thursday, January 29

Kayaker in trouble

Good reason not to throw your paddle away when your going over a waterfall

Wednesday, January 28

Gendarmerie de Chamonix

Portrait of the the helicopter EC 145 of the French Gendarmerie and his crew of mountain rescuers.

Tuesday, January 27

Flash Attempt Gaia

Video of George Ullrich making a Flash Attempt on a 6c route called Gaia.

Monday, January 26

Matt Beringer

Video of bmxer Matt Beringer riding his house park.
(Via Wend)

Sunday, January 25

Marmot Basin season 07/08

A short amateur snowboard film from the season 07/08 in Marmot Basin, USA.
Even better then the video from the year before that was posted earlier.

Saturday, January 24

Dosage V - Trailer

Trailer for the climbing movie Dosage V.

Friday, January 23

Hiking Hardangervidda

Nice video footage of a couple that made a hiking trip to Hardangervidda in Norway.

Thursday, January 22


Three is a short film about rope swinging of a bridge in Scotland, UK.

Wednesday, January 21

Parahawking in Nepal

A nice parahawking video from Nepal.
Parahawking is the combination of Falconing and Paragliding.
(Via Wend)

Tuesday, January 20

Base Jumping in Baffin Island

In this video Melissa Andrzejewski and Chris McNamara are basejumping between enormous cliffs on Baffin Island, Canada. With wingsuits.

Monday, January 19


Avalanche footage with an African soundtrack. Quite impressive.

Sunday, January 18

Yellow Boat, White Water

Logan Grayling kayaks one of the largest freefall waterfalls in the world located at Johnstons Canyon in Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.

Saturday, January 17

Amazonian Vertigo

The ascent of the highest waterfall on earth in Venezuela by an international team of climbers.

Friday, January 16

Marmot Basin season 06/07

A short amateur snowboard film from the season 06/07 in Marmot Basin, USA.

Thursday, January 15

White Lines - Snowkiting

A Snowkiting video, filmed on the hardangervidda plateau in Norway with Tom Bourdeau.

Wednesday, January 14

Big Wave Surfing

Footage of Kenny 'Skindog' Collins' in a session at Puerto Escondido.
Those are some serious waves!

Tuesday, January 13

Wingsuit base jumping with skies

These guys are skiing into a basejump with their wingsuits on.
Very cool video.
(Via Wend)

Monday, January 12

Ice Climbing Marylin Manson

Ice climbing on a route called Marylin Manson at the Brandnertal in Austria.

Sunday, January 11

Powder Footage

Nice helmetcam footage from the guys from backcountryblog riding the backcountry in Snowbird, Utah, USA.

Saturday, January 10

Scared to fall?

Tip of the day: Don't wait to clip in while you're taking a break.

Friday, January 9


Can't get up the hill in winter with your mountainbike? Here's the solution!

Thursday, January 8

North Face of the Uxbridge Road

Long live Monty Python :)

Wednesday, January 7

Off The Grid

Trailer from the Warren Miller ski and snowboard movie Off The Grid from 2006.

Tuesday, January 6

Schule Des Leben

Video of a 8B boulder problem in Chironico, Switzerland called Schule Des Leben.

Monday, January 5

Trip Box

Cool base jumping short movie.

Sunday, January 4


Trailer from the ski movie Anomaly from Teton Gravity Research, 2006.

Saturday, January 3


Video about crack climbing in Indian Creek, Utah, USA.
Good place to practice your handjams I suppose.

Friday, January 2

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone is a short film about climbing access.
A must see for every climber and outdoorsperson.
More info on

Thursday, January 1

Pony Tale

Pony Tale is one sick snowboard movie from Actionhorse Films to start the new year with. Definitely check out minute 7 and minute 14, those guys are crazy!
(Via Batonrougeheadquarters)