Saturday, January 31


Ryan Olson climbing L’aerodynamite, a 7b+ at Fontainebleau, France.

Friday, January 30

Return of the Nina

Powder movie called after
the La NiƱa storm cycle, which brought tons and tons of snow in the 98/99 season.

Thursday, January 29

Kayaker in trouble

Good reason not to throw your paddle away when your going over a waterfall

Wednesday, January 28

Gendarmerie de Chamonix

Portrait of the the helicopter EC 145 of the French Gendarmerie and his crew of mountain rescuers.

Tuesday, January 27

Flash Attempt Gaia

Video of George Ullrich making a Flash Attempt on a 6c route called Gaia.

Monday, January 26

Matt Beringer

Video of bmxer Matt Beringer riding his house park.
(Via Wend)

Sunday, January 25

Marmot Basin season 07/08

A short amateur snowboard film from the season 07/08 in Marmot Basin, USA.
Even better then the video from the year before that was posted earlier.

Saturday, January 24

Dosage V - Trailer

Trailer for the climbing movie Dosage V.

Friday, January 23

Hiking Hardangervidda

Nice video footage of a couple that made a hiking trip to Hardangervidda in Norway.

Thursday, January 22


Three is a short film about rope swinging of a bridge in Scotland, UK.

Wednesday, January 21

Parahawking in Nepal

A nice parahawking video from Nepal.
Parahawking is the combination of Falconing and Paragliding.
(Via Wend)

Tuesday, January 20

Base Jumping in Baffin Island

In this video Melissa Andrzejewski and Chris McNamara are basejumping between enormous cliffs on Baffin Island, Canada. With wingsuits.

Monday, January 19


Avalanche footage with an African soundtrack. Quite impressive.

Sunday, January 18

Yellow Boat, White Water

Logan Grayling kayaks one of the largest freefall waterfalls in the world located at Johnstons Canyon in Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.

Saturday, January 17

Amazonian Vertigo

The ascent of the highest waterfall on earth in Venezuela by an international team of climbers.

Friday, January 16

Marmot Basin season 06/07

A short amateur snowboard film from the season 06/07 in Marmot Basin, USA.

Thursday, January 15

White Lines - Snowkiting

A Snowkiting video, filmed on the hardangervidda plateau in Norway with Tom Bourdeau.

Wednesday, January 14

Big Wave Surfing

Footage of Kenny 'Skindog' Collins' in a session at Puerto Escondido.
Those are some serious waves!

Tuesday, January 13

Wingsuit base jumping with skies

These guys are skiing into a basejump with their wingsuits on.
Very cool video.
(Via Wend)

Monday, January 12

Ice Climbing Marylin Manson

Ice climbing on a route called Marylin Manson at the Brandnertal in Austria.

Sunday, January 11

Powder Footage

Nice helmetcam footage from the guys from backcountryblog riding the backcountry in Snowbird, Utah, USA.

Saturday, January 10

Scared to fall?

Tip of the day: Don't wait to clip in while you're taking a break.

Friday, January 9


Can't get up the hill in winter with your mountainbike? Here's the solution!

Thursday, January 8

North Face of the Uxbridge Road

Long live Monty Python :)

Wednesday, January 7

Off The Grid

Trailer from the Warren Miller ski and snowboard movie Off The Grid from 2006.

Tuesday, January 6

Schule Des Leben

Video of a 8B boulder problem in Chironico, Switzerland called Schule Des Leben.

Monday, January 5

Trip Box

Cool base jumping short movie.

Sunday, January 4


Trailer from the ski movie Anomaly from Teton Gravity Research, 2006.

Saturday, January 3


Video about crack climbing in Indian Creek, Utah, USA.
Good place to practice your handjams I suppose.

Friday, January 2

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone is a short film about climbing access.
A must see for every climber and outdoorsperson.
More info on

Thursday, January 1

Pony Tale

Pony Tale is one sick snowboard movie from Actionhorse Films to start the new year with. Definitely check out minute 7 and minute 14, those guys are crazy!
(Via Batonrougeheadquarters)