Saturday, February 28

Red Bull Metro Ride

Red Bull organized a mountain bike race in metro station in Budapest, here's the video.

Friday, February 27

Tucker Mead

Video of the 17 year old Tucker Mead, member of the freeride team in the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, USA.

Thursday, February 26

The Creature Craft Rescue Craft

The Creature Craft Rescue Craft has been designed to prevent Rescue Personnel from becoming victims. In terms of rescue craft for challenging water, Creature Craft can go over waterfalls and maintain its stability. The video shows dam surfing, Lowhead and Roller dam descents and a dam rescue.

Wednesday, February 25

Paragliding in Nepal

Nice paragliding footage from Nepal.

Tuesday, February 24

Continental Divide Trail

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail in the USA.

Monday, February 23

Ski mountaineering in Iceland

Great ski mountaineering video from the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland.

Sunday, February 22


Video of some guys making water rides with their snowboards.

Saturday, February 21


A video of Bernd Zangerl climbing a 8C boulder in Switzerland called Entlinge.
(Via B3bouldering)

Friday, February 20

Niagra Gorge Kayaking

Footage of the first legal kayak descent of Niagra Gorge in the early 80's.

Thursday, February 19

Cliff Jumping II

More footage from the same guys as the 'Cliff jumping'-post.

Wednesday, February 18

Painted Blue

Part 1.

Part 2.

This is the extended trailer of a documentary about Raphael Slawinski.

Tuesday, February 17


Nice downhill and freeride mountain biking video

Monday, February 16

Ozone Bullet

A Speed Flying short movie with a story in it.

And the making off.
I actually like the making off more then the movie itself. :)

Sunday, February 15

Portrait of Air Zermatt

Part 1.

Part 2.

Portrait of the mountain rescuers from Air Zermatt in Switzerland.

Saturday, February 14

1000 day holiday

This is 1000 Days of traveling the world condensed down to just 12 minutes.

Friday, February 13

Downhill vs Renault Clio

Clip from the British television show Top Gear.

Thursday, February 12

Base Jumping a gondola

Shane McConkey and Miles Daisher base jumping from the 1500 ft tall gondola in Whistler Blackcomb, USA.
(Via Wend)

Wednesday, February 11

Fred Syversen's skidrop

Fred Syversen's 107 meters (351 feet) accidental cliff drop is finally recognized as the new world record.

Tuesday, February 10

Off The Map

Video of a couple that made a 14 day trip from Pontarso, Italy to Zell Am See, Austria, no motorized forms of transportation, only by foot and paraglider.

Monday, February 9

Pistenbully in action

If you're one of the guys that ends up in a bar after a day on the slopes and don't come out of your hotel room before noon, well, this is what happens in between.

Sunday, February 8

God went surfing with the devil.

Trailer of an Israeli and Palestinian surfmovie.
Takes a wile to load, you can also watch the trailer at their website.

Saturday, February 7

Trip Box 3

Very cool base jumping video.

Friday, February 6

Cycling across Alaska

Video footage of a couple that made a cycling trip across Alaska.

Thursday, February 5


Chris Sharma on the first ascent of a route called Dreamcatcher, rated 9a.

Wednesday, February 4

Cliff Jumping

Nice cliff jumping footage.

Tuesday, February 3

Silo ice climing

How to make your own ice climbing wall.

Monday, February 2

Crashed Ice

Red Bull organized a new event called "Crashed Ice", a combination of downhill skating, ice hockey, and boardercross.

Sunday, February 1

Trip Box 2

Cool base jumping shortmovie.