Tuesday, March 31

Bataleon Snowboards

Nice promotional video from Bataleon Snowboards.

A vintage ski video

Clip from an Eric Perlman skifilm from the mid 90's.

Patrouille des Glaciers

The Patrouille des Glaciers race took place from April 27 to 30, 2006. This biennial ski race starts in Zermatt and finishes in Verbier, Switzerland. 53 km with 3,994 m of vertical gain.
(Via Petzl)

Monday, March 30

2009 ShAFF Trailer

Trailer for the Shefferd Adventure Film Festival of 2009 in the UK.
Very nice video.

Sunday, March 29

Snowboard video

Great snowboarding video with some tricks and lots of freeride.

Saturday, March 28

Cedric Garcia Again

Again a video of Cedric Garcia, very nice footage.

Friday, March 27

Shared Summits Expedition

Footage of the Shared Summits K2 Climbing Expedition in 2007.
They reached the top after 9 weeks, 3 routes, 5 attempts and 15 ½ hours after they left Camp 4.

Thursday, March 26

Backpacking the John Murr Trail

Great footage of some guys that hiked the John Murr Trail in the US.

Wednesday, March 25

Speed Flying Jackson Hole

Footage of somebody Speed Flying in the Jackson Hole ski resort, USA.

Monday, March 23


Footage of The Ford Skymasters Challenge which took place in Birmingham, UK, in March 2008.

Sunday, March 22

Urban Downhill

Video from the 2007 Fat Face Urban Downhill mountain bike race in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Saturday, March 21

Top of Mont Blanc

Some footage from on the top of Mont Blanc, France.
A very popular summit as you can see.

Friday, March 20

New Zealand Whitewater

Nice video of whitewater kayaking in New Zealand.

Thursday, March 19

Skiing in Iran

Forget all the things you hear in the news about Iran! They have great powder!

Wednesday, March 18

Royal Flush

Nicolas Favresse in "Royal Flush" on Fitz Roy in Argentina.

Tuesday, March 17


The title says it all, but I don't think this is going to break through. :)

Monday, March 16

New Matterhorn record

Ueli Steck, a mountaineer from Switzerland claimed the new record for the north face of the Matterhorn in the Alps. He only needed 1 hour and 56 minutes to ascent the 1000 vertical meters.

Sunday, March 15

Cedric Gracia

Video of Cedric Gracia, a great biker.

Saturday, March 14

Avalanche burial

Guys gets buried under an avalanche, he's lucky he had an AvaLung, a bieper, and some quick friends! Very nice footage though.
(Via The Goat)

Friday, March 13

Pistenbully Flexmobil

Who doesn't want one? :)

Thursday, March 12

Teaser from Anthill Films

One of the best video's out there!
Combining all kinds of adventure sports in a great clip.
Anthill Films

Wednesday, March 11

Skiing 7 Summits

Trailer of the film "Skiing 7 Summits", a story about the first-ever skiing expedition to the 7 highest mountains of all continents, including the first ski descent from Mt. Everest by Slovenian extreme skier Davo Karničar in December 2006.

Tuesday, March 10

Bmx'ing in the 80's.

Ever wondered what you had to wear when you where born in the 80's and liked bmx'ing? Nice riding though!

Monday, March 9

Big Wall Jamming II

Again a nice jam session on a big wall called "South Africa Route" in Patagonia, South America.

Sunday, March 8

Another "Balancing Point"

Another video like Balancing Point.

Saturday, March 7

Gansta Snowboarding

A bit too 'Gangsta' if you ask me, but nice footage though.

Friday, March 6

The Walk of Life

Video of Dave MacLeod climbing The Walk of Life E9/6c, North Devon, UK.

Thursday, March 5

Team Vario

Nice footage from a mountain biking crew called Team Vario.

Wednesday, March 4

Kayaking in Colorado

Kayak footage from Colorado, USA.

Tuesday, March 3

Speed Flying in Interlaken

Speed Flying video from Interlaken, Switzerland.

Monday, March 2


Nice trailer of a base jumping video.

Sunday, March 1

Igloo Crib

Igloo Ed shows us his crib!