Friday, April 24

Tandem Whitewater Kayak

The title says it all, a whitewater kayak for two persons.

Thursday, April 23

Swiss Action

Some guys skiing The North Face of Swiss peak in Canada.
Great video!

Wednesday, April 22


Climbing video of a boulder area called Buttermilks in Bishop, California(USA).

(Via All Climbing)

Tuesday, April 21

Crevasse Rescue Air Zermatt

Footage from a documentary about Air Zermatt, shot by the Swiss Television Schweizer Fernsehen. They follow the mountain rescue services of Air Zermatt in the Swiss Alps during a rescue at the Bishorn.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Monday, April 20

Extreme Ski Jumping

Compilation of a few crazy ski jumps. Crazy guys.

Sunday, April 19

All Points South

Trailer of a documentary films that handles about the ongoing threat of pollution from the pulp and paper manufacturing industry on the ocean community's in Chile.

Saturday, April 18

Nick Devore

Nice video of professional skier Nick Devore.

Friday, April 17

Freedom Riders

Trailer of the mountain bike movie Freedom Riders, great stuff!

Thursday, April 16

Banff 2008/2009

Trailer of the 2008/2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.
Love it!

Wednesday, April 15

Mont Blanc

Footage from Will Corder and Trefor Evans who climb Mont Blanc in 2006.
Training took place on the Mer de Glace and Mt Buet, Chamonix.

Tuesday, April 14

Bouldering in Switzerland

Three boulder problems from Switzerland.
Amber, 8B - Brione
La Prou, 8B - Cresciano
Boogalagga, 8B - Chironico

Monday, April 13

Rock Balancing

Nice video with some rock balancing.
But the first one was way better though.

Sunday, April 12

The Ski Patrol

A view behind the scenes of the Snowbird(US) Ski Patrol.

Saturday, April 11

Early on the season

Like REALLY early!

Friday, April 10

Hiking Mount Hua

Well, the video explains itself. Crazy stuff.

Thursday, April 9

Mount Everest

Very inspiring video from a group of climbers that reached the top of Mount Everest.

Wednesday, April 8

Snowboarding, The Norwegian Way

Snowboard movie with Norwegian riders.
Among them Terje Haakonsen, known from his famous descent of Mountain 7601 in Alakska.

Tuesday, April 7

Bouldering in Bishop

A very nice bouldering video filmed in Bishop, Canada.

Monday, April 6

World record kayakdrop

Kayaker Ed Lucero is the new waterfall drop record holder with a crazy height of 31 meters.

(Via The Adventure Blog)

Sunday, April 5

Himalayan basecamp in winter

Some tips to kill the time when your stuck in basecamp in the middle of winter.
(Via The adventure blog)

Thursday, April 2

Bad Bolts

This video shows you how much you can trust your fixed bolts.

Wednesday, April 1

Katie Brown falling

Nice climbing video with Katie Brown, and at the ends she falls out of the crack.