Thursday, December 16

Out of the Shadows

Trailer of a new ski movie from Dendrite Studios called "Out of the Shadows".

Wednesday, December 15

An Expidition Across Iceland

Alastair Humphreys crossing Iceland, unsupported, by foot and packraft.
Very impress if!

Monday, December 13

A Frenchman in Dorset

A rockclimbing video called; A Frenchman in Dorset.

Sunday, December 12

Cascade Mountain Rescue Video

Climber Rescued on Cascade Mountain in Banff National Park.
First-hand video footage of Visitor Safety Specialists from Banff /Yoho/Kootenay National Parks conducting a technical helicopter "long-line" rescue. The lead climber of a rock climbing party has taken a 60 foot fall and suffered multiple injuries.

Saturday, December 11

Arisaig Cave

Michael Tweedley climbing Bone Broke (7c) in Arisaig Cave, UK.


Friday, December 10

London 2 London

Sarah Outen is planning a new expedition, she will row around the world solo, from London to London.
Want to know more about here?

Thursday, December 9

Avalanche Awareness

Informational video about the RECCO reflector.
More video's can be found on their Vimeo account.

Wednesday, December 8

Reel Rock DVD Trailer

Trailer of the 2010 Reel Rock DVD.

Tuesday, December 7

Desert River

Skiing video of Sweet Grass Production and Patagonia.

Monday, December 6

Ninja Skills

In December 2008 Nalle Hukkataiva opened a new bouldering route in Sobrio, a small town in Switzerland
He named the route Ninja Skills.
In the video you'll see fragments of Ninja Skills as well as some bouldering action in Austria.

Sunday, December 5

Les Six Chute

Video of a day hike on Les Six Chute (the 6 waterfalls) trail in Mastigouche Provincial Park in Quebec, Canada.

Wednesday, December 1

Cross Country Snowboarding

You definitely should give it a try this winter ;)

Tuesday, November 30

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Video of the 19km long Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand.
Apparently it was the site for Mordor in Lord of the Rings as well.

Monday, November 29

Air Zermatt

The University of New Mexico Mountain Medicine instructors and Albuquerque Mountain Rescue members went to Air Zermatt in Switzerland for training.
This video shows briefly what they have been practicing.

Sunday, November 28

Leo Houlding Cave Jump

Video of Leo Houlding performing a cave jump.
The cave is called the 'Majlis al Jinn' and is located in Oman.

Saturday, November 27

150 years of Mammut

Mammut, the brand, is around for 150 years.
To celebrate that, their organizing 'The Biggest Peak Project in History'.
150 teams to climb 150 mountains worldwide.
More info on how to participate can be found here.

Friday, November 26

Cairngorm Mountains

Amateur footage made earlier this month buy some guys on a skiing trip in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland, UK.
Specially notice the small avalanche they trigger on a slope called 'Coire cas'.

Thursday, November 25

Mile Creek

Video of a singletrack mountain biking trail in Montana, USA.
The Mile Creek trail is located just north of Raynolds Pass in the Henry Mountains, near the border with Idaho.
Pretty sweet ride, would it really be Montana's best Singletrack?

Wednesday, November 24

The Bone Zone

Some backcountry freestyle action at the Bone Zone with the guys from Dinosnow.
No idea where it was filmed, but is sure looks good!

Tuesday, November 23

Ueli Steck, The Swiss Machine

What can I say, Ueli Steck, the climbing machine from Switzerland.
In this video you can see him climb The Nose of El Capitan in the Yosemite Valley, California, USA.
Together with Alex Honnold he climbs The Nose in 4:40 and the following day they climbed it in 4:20.
In the 3th part of the video Ueli Steck breaks his own speed climbing record on the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland and sets a new time of 2 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds.
The whole film of the The Swiss Machine can be see at the Real Rock Tour.

The second video below shows Honnold and Steck doing the King Swing pendulum on the Nose of El Capitan. The climbers to the left are on the Jardine Traverse, which avoids the King Swing and is a popular variation. This video was made during a training climb a few days before there record attempt.

Sunday, November 21

The Arc'teryx SV Glove

This fall Arc'teryx has put a new glove on the market, the Arc'teryx SV Glove.
And not just a glove, a 250$ piece of equipment.
Taped Gore-Tex Pro Shell, fleece inner, layered system, anatomiccaly designd and with a huge membrane insert. This glove has it all.
In this video Dan Green from Arc'teryx describes the development and the design of the Arc'teryx SV glove.

Saturday, November 20

The Hardest of the Alps #6

Video of the last climb of the summer project of the brothers Pou.
This route, Zahir 8b+, led Iker Pou and Eneko Pou to the fabulous limestone walls of Wendenstock in the Swiss Alps.
The other videos they made for there project "The Hardest of the Alps" can be found here.
Their definitely worth watching as well.

Friday, November 19

Parody of Big UP Productions

I guess most of you have seen of heard of 'Big UP Productions' before.
Or maybe you know them of the annual Reel Rock Film Tour which is organized by Sender Films and Big UP Productions. (If not, don't mind, the video is funny anyway)
Well, some guy's made a parody on the video's of Big UP Productions.
The result can be seen below.

Wednesday, November 17

Wingsuit Proximity Flying

This is an edit with short clips from various wingsuit flights of Halvor Angvik in Norway late in the 2010 season. We mentioned Halvor Angvik before in a speedflying video.
All jumps were performed in the area of Romsdalen and Eikesdalen in Norway.

Tuesday, November 16

Scottish Tooling Series

The first round of the 3th Scottish Tooling Series took place at the Glasgow Climbing Centre in Scotland, UK.
Round 2 headed to the National Centre at Glenmore Lodge in Aviemore. This event was mainly held outside which made the use of crampons possible.
The third round took place at Aberdeen, the 4th will take place at the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven, which will have a few routes outside as well.
The fifth and final round will be held at Edinburgh's Ratho, the largest wall in Europe which should offer plenty of fun. The video's you see below are those of Round 1 and Round 2.

Monday, November 15

Speedflying in Wengen

A speedflying video of Halvor Angvik and his co-pilot Jokke Sommer.
It was filmed earlier this year in the area of Wengen, Switzerland.
Very nice footage!

Sunday, November 14

Alex Chabot in Armenia

Last spring, French climber Alex Chabot went to the Garni Gorge in Armenia to open multiple routes there.
This 'gorge' consist out of amazing basalt columns which resulted is some spectacular images.
More information about Alex Chabot can be found here.

Dark Side of the Lens

With this 'short story', Mickey Smith shows us a side to surfing that we, as observers or surfers can only imagine: The life of the photographer.
Why they spend hours and hours in the cold water just for that one shot.
Together with Allan Wilson (director of photography), Mickey Smiths shows us what it is to be a water-based photography.
For those who think they'll have to watch a boring interview now, just take a look and enjoy the astonishing shots Mickey Smith took at the basalt cliffs of the Irish coast.

Friday, November 12

The Asguard Project - Trailer

For most of the year the fjords on Baffin Island, Canada are filled with frozen sea ice, but for a short period in the summer the ice melts and with 24 hours of daylight the area becomes a climbers paradise with mile high granite walls and amazing scenery.
Leo Houlding, Sean Learly and Carlos Suarez sky dive into Baffin Island to reach the north face of Mount Asgard. (And the camera crew could make the 5 day hike with all there gear).
I'm looking forward to see the film cause the trailer is really looking promising.
More info can be found on:

Thursday, November 11

We Own The Hills

Nice downhill mountain biking video from Poland.
Filmed back in 2008, nut still great to see.
The quality of the video ain't the best, but the footage makes it all up.

Wednesday, November 10

El Chonta Rodeo

The 31st of October the "Petzl Roctrip Mexico 2010" took a stop at a climbing massive called El Chonta.
A cave shaped climbing area just outside Taxco, an old silver mining town a few hours away from Mexico City.
The limestone cave has 300 to 400 foot walls with overhanging parts of more then 45 degrees.
More information can be found on the RocTrip page of the Petzl website.
Normally they will post a longer, extended video report of the 2010 RocTrip in the near future.

Source: The Climbing Narcissist

Tuesday, November 9

Ice Climbing Ecrins 2011

From 14 till 16 January 2011 the 21st edition of the ice climbing festival "Ice Climbing Ecrins" will take place in L'Argentiére-la-Bessée, a village in the French Alps. During this weekend there will be free clinics, top climbers will perform demo's and the weekend will be closed with a spectacular show.
More information can be found on

The first video is the trailer for the upcoming event.
The second video, and the most interesting, is a compilation from last year with some very nice shots.

Monday, November 8

Tim Humphreys

Great footage of Tim Humphreys, a 23 jear old pro-snowboarder from New Jersey, USA.
It was filmed in the park of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California.
Nice to see how he performs several flips and turns while holding the camera.

Sunday, November 7

Liquid Mounteneering

Liquid Mountaineering...
The name says it all.
And I'm glad too see that at least someone is taking this serious :)

Saturday, November 6

Jeb Corliss

This is a video staring Jeb Corliss.
For those who have never heard of him, Jeb Corliss is a professional skydiver with an impressive jumping record. Nice video to watch, and nice way of living if you can make money that way.

Friday, November 5

Bouldering in Norway

Nalle Hukkataival and Kuutti Huhtikorpi bouldering in Norway.
The areas featured in the movie are Harbak, Vingsand and the Lofoten Islands.

Thursday, November 4

The Alpinist's Alphabet

The ABC for every Alpinist or Mountaineer.
Could be a nice gift for under the Christmas tree.
The picture is made by Seth Neilson and for sale for 20$ at WASA industries.
As you can see on the website he's currently working on other ABC's as well.

Source: Cold Splinters

60 foot / 18 meter Rope Swing

Video of Mike Wilson building a 18 meter / 60 foot rope swing on the Truckee River, USA.
With double and triple back flips, quite impressive.

Wednesday, November 3

POV: Mountain Rescue

Ever wonder what it is like to be rescued off of a big mountain like the Grand Teton in Wyoming, USA, because you are too injured to get down on your own?
Michelle Smith shows us first hand in this impressive video.

Tuesday, November 2

IF3 best shot 2010

This helmet cam shot won the best image at the International Freeski Film Festival in Montréal, Canada.
The entire shot, made by Julien Regnier, is in slow motion.

Monday, November 1


You don´t have a partner? Are your palms sweaty? Don´t you need rock hard contact?

Sunday, October 31

Utah Powder

Nice video of Ian Provo shredding some of the first powder of the season in Utah, USA.


Kendal Mountain Festival 2010

Promovideo of the Kendal Mountain Festival that will take place from 18 till 21 November in Kendal, UK.
More information can be found on

Saturday, October 30

Wave Kayaking

Some playboaters surfing the waves with there kayaks.

Source: Outside Blog

Free Fall

World champion freediver Guillaume Nery performs a "base jump" at Dean's Blue Hole at the Bahamas, the deepest blue hole in the world.
This video is entirely real except for the fact that he did not reach the bottom of the blue.
It plunges 202 meters (663 ft) which makes it impossible to reach without breathing assistance.
In April 2010, William Trubridge broke a free-diving world record in the blue hole reaching a depth of 92 meters (302 ft) without the use of fins.
Anyway, enjoy this peace of art.


Small documentary about skylining, filmed in the Mont Blanc range in the French Alps.